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Doing what I love everyday 

"I always think I can be anything or that I can do anything. And when I think it, I do it. Every single time"

Hey! i'm Alia & this is my story!

Art is something that has lived within me all of my life. Would you believe that my dream as a child was to be an actress and singer? All throughout my childhood I was in talent shows, plays, choir and I even auditioned for an Arts school!

I remember always drawing as a child. It was something that made me so happy. I grew up and became a Makeup Artist. I worked as a freelance Makeup Artist for 10 years. I met some incredible people along the way.

I then changed things up and became a Social Service Worker which I LOVE however, that is on pause for a bit...

Now Resin Art has made it's way into my life and it is a full time job for me. Every moment is an adventure. I can't wait to see where it takes me.


I have created some beautiful pieces that are now displayed all over Canada and USA. 


You can always expect that any piece that I have created is made with care, love and attention to detail. I put all of my passion into my work.

Thank you for choosing me. Lets start creating!



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