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Introducing Mini Amethyst Tumbled Stones, these small yet captivating stones radiate the stunning beauty of Amethyst crystal.


Perfect for Geode artwork, these tumbled stones are carefully selected for their quality and beauty. Each stone is handpicked and tumbled to achieve a smooth and polished finish, enhancing their aesthetic appeal.


Please note that the size and shape of each stone may vary, but rest assured that they are all chosen with the utmost attention to ensure their high quality. Add these mini tumbled stones to your collection and experience the mesmerizing allure of Amethyst crystal.


Stone: Amethyst

Origin: Brazil

Sold By: 1 lb bag

Approx pieces: 250 to 350

Size: 1/4" to 1/2"


Recommended to use the Mini Amethyst stones on:

- Charcuterie boards and to add fullness to your textured area

- Geode art pieces

- Jewellery

- Candles


Amethyst Tumbled Stones are used by Artistically Crafted in Geode Artwork

Amethyst Tumbled Stones - Mini

  • When purchasing from Artistically Crafted, please be aware that we do our best to capture the crystals in the best way possible to represent the quality, size, and colour.

    These photos are there to show what you can expect to receive. You will not receive the exact same crystal seen in the photo.

    Crystals are naturally formed and are one of a kind. They often range in colour, shapes, sizes and imperfections.