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If anyone remembers the 90's, you will remember frosty lipstick, lavender eyeshadow, Britney Spears and baby pink.


This piece is inspired by being your average girl in the 90's that loved icy powdery makeup, butterfly clips and lip smackers chapstick.


BLISS is generously filled with

Genuine Amethyst chunks

Beautiful Amethyst cluster

Quartz points

Quartz chips

Quartz sand

Rose Quartz tumbled stones

Natural Agate stones

White Quartz Tumbled stones


The design of this piece was a strategic one. It mimics a natural agate stone. You will see layers of detail lining and contrasts in the resin to give natural lines in the colours.

Made on cradled wood canvas, this makes the piece easy for hanging. The back of the piece is shown in the photos.

BLISS measures 18x18x1.5inches (not including the height of the crystals)


  • Items are custom handmade, small imperfections and variations may occur on the surface such as tiny bubbles or debris that have entered the resin during its curing period.

    Colours may vary depending on your screen, be sure to read the description for details.

    Items are made with real Glass chips and may be sharp. Handle with care.

    Resin may yellow overtime when exposed to UV light. Keep item out of direct sunlight to pre

  • Artistically Crafted does not provide hardware for hanging. Artistically Crafted provides customers the opportunity to decide how they would like to hang their art piece.

    Artistically Crafted suggests using the correct hardware appropriate to the Weight and size of the piece.

    Artistically Crafted does not assume any liability for damage or injury that may be cause by art pieces that are not installed professionally.